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We are a team of young sports and nature loving experts with different experiences including sports management, marketing, life sciences.

Sibaris' and our goal is to raise awareness in sports and nature, to help the youth and community. We believe that even the smallest impact in childhood can be life changing later in life, therefore we aim to involve children from a very young age how to live a healthy lifesytle in terms of sports and exercise.

Climate change is getting closer and bigger but we believe it is never too late. The next generation of children need to grow up in an environment that encourages them to act in the favor of preserving nature and indirectly to fight climate change.

Sibaris was founded in 2021 and is a registered NGO in Hungary with the main field of activity of sports & environment.

activity area

Besides of our main activity of sports club we are active in the following areas as well according to our statute:

  • sports and recreation and other education
  • activities of other membership organisations
  • amusement and recreation activities
  • educational support activitites
  • other sports activities
event organization

Sibaris organises events on such topics:

  • Sport and recreational activities
  • Workhops - how to manage sport and non profit organisation
  • Nature and motion - in connection
  • Orienteering
  • Mountaineering
  • Rogaining
  • Consultancy in sport and in life science
  • Involvement in students' local league
nature and environment

Outdoor activities benefits:

  • including mindful actives
  • social actives
  • enthusiastic actives
  • stimulation actives
  • Leisure activities - increasing popular destinations:
    • short walks
    • picnics/barbecues
    • sightseeing
    • cultural and historic heritage sites
    • day walks / multiday walks

We call active recreation that is non-competitive physical activity for the purpose of wellbeing and enjoyment. It could include activities that are performed in built and natural environments. Activities including outdoor recreation, fitness/exercise, community recreation. Would undertaken by individuals and by groups, and occur with and without the involvement of a ‘provider’ group or organisation - here we are help for.

education and training

Several fields are addressed:

  • Find out how to access outdoor recreation opportunities within the community and students
  • Define adventure activities and outdoor pursuits that focus on the development of personal and interpersonal skills
  • Create plan and strategies to evaluate and manage personal and group safety, challenge, and risk
  • Involve Alpha Generation into adventure activities and outdoor pursuits that focus on physical skill development, fun, and enjoyment
  • Learning about the traditions, values, and heritages of their own and other cultural groups
  • Opportunities to learn about the environmental impact of outdoor recreation activities
  • Project plans and case studies in recreational activities, sport organisation
  • Starting with data collection to reported different findings and recommendations.
  • Analyse all accessible and timely information and create Master plan for implementation
  • Take perceptions and investing further work needs to be undertaken to create findings
  • Use of wide network for dissemination of learnings
  • Transnational collaboration projects in sport and youth involvement

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Social media, IT, team building


Nagy Bertalan_1

Technical & Quality
Technical projects, environmental climate relations


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Finance and administration
Project follow up, planning



Life scientist & Quality
Recreational activities, project follow up, creativity



Technical specialist
IT engineer, climate change expert



Process management, leadership programs



Project management, lead partner


    our current initiatives

    from our previous projects

    Our previous projects are OrientNature2000 - Naturally Inclusive Orienteering and EUrienteering - a small collaboration project.